Sunday, July 26, 2015

Our Cuddle Monster--Guest Star: Mr. Owl

 Since it is Sunday, Daddy was home today. Granted, we had church and then my parents came over and helped us on our remodel, but we still a little bit of time to ourselves as a family. Much needed, I assure you. 

 At first, we played our usual on-the-bed games--things like "earthquake" where Daddy bounces her on the bed and makes odd noises, or got-your-legs/belly. But then, out came...Mr. Owl. Mr. Owl was a gift from Grandpa when we visited Cherokee recently. She was over-tired at the time, and, when it seemed nothing could console her, we found a puppet. It was an owl (obviously) that hides in a tree trunk and can be thrust out periodically with a "Boo!" Not much is that funny to her--and then, to add Mr. Owl giving kisses!!

 She finds him utterly delightful. She loves to hug him and chew on his...ear tufts?...and when we pull him back into his tree trunk, she grabs the edge and pulls it down to look inside. That's usually when Matt makes him jump back out with another "Boo!" and give kisses...especially since, if we don't do that, she grabs the ear tufts and tries to yank him out. She LOVES her Mr. Owl.

But, then, it started inching closer to nap time. Madelyn gets kind of stoic around any sleep time, and active games like Mr. Owl get thrown right out in favor of staring at you singing, or snuggles and kisses. And, I'm a total sucker for pictures of her looking to the side like the one above. She's simply gorgeous, no question. :)

One of the few acceptable pre-nap-time games, though, is got-my-toes, demonstrated by the obliging Chicken to the right. Toes are another thing that never seem to lose entertainment value!!

Simply love this girl!

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