Monday, July 27, 2015

Balloon Bath Fun

  First, before you see any of the pictures, I have a confession. Madelyn fell off the bed last night, so if you see some bruising/scrapes, it's not the lighting, it's legit. And, believe you me, I am SO aware that it happened. I'm not sure who came out of the situation more traumatized--Madelyn or me. I think it was rough on the both of us. Thankfully, she doesn't seem to be hurt, other than the mild scrapes/bruises on her face and knee. The drop wasn't far, praise God, and she recovered pretty quickly. (I felt terrible about it, and I think I spent the majority of the night getting up and checking that she was ok...I woke her up a couple times, just to be sure. I think I got on her nerves more than anything else.)

    She's still a little fussy today, so I thought we'd do something fun as a treat for her. (And, to prevent us just sitting on the couch like logs, reading stories--fun as that is (and don't worry, we did that, too!)--and watching an episode of Little Einsteins--since I'm usually pretty anti-TV for her, that's saved for special occasions.) Still, my daughter is the active, loves new things type, so I wracked my brain for any idea that I've ever seen on Pinterest, Google, a Mama Blog, whatever, that would be special for her. The balloon bath seemed the most fun to me!

 That being said, we're still in the middle of the bathroom remodel, so I loaded her up and took her to my mom's. (Conveniently enough, Mom also has tons of balloons!) I filled the bath up with bubble bath and got her cleaned up first; then, I started adding balloons. At first, Madelyn didn't know what to think of them. I definitely got some odd stares. Then, she learned that if she splashed next to the balloons, they moved--and if she hit them, sometimes, they'd bounce up out of the water and around the bath water! Plus, I mixed up the colors so they'd be visually intriguing--and once she got going, she had a GREAT time. We will definitely be doing this again!

 I think the green balloons wound up being her favorite. She played with the other colors, definitely, but she would reach out and try to grab the green ones. The others were more of a if-it-was-right-in-front-of-her kind of thing.

 Madelyn LOVED pushing the balloons around the water. I loved all her expressions, from the "oooh, what's this" face to her bright toothless smiles.

I picked some of the balloons up and dropped them down (not a splash, seriously). Watching them go up and come back down was definitely a cause for extreme concentration, apparently. This is going to be a game we do more often!

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