Friday, July 24, 2015

Colored Ice

  Though the day started out a little less than promising--the forecast warned of storms, and, yet again, the clouds were heavy--it turned out to be warm and sunny! So, I got to try out the colored ice I made a couple days ago!

  For the sake of total honesty--Madelyn enjoyed the pasta bowl from yesterday more than she liked the ice. It proved difficult for her to grasp, and, of course, cold, when she could get a handle on it. Still, she loves the water, and she liked to splash and play in all the bright colors. (Admittedly, by the end, the water was all a murky green-brown color.)

 Before we started that, though, we played with the baby in the mirror for awhile.

  Madelyn loves the baby in the mirror. Today, she chatted and spit and blew raspberries and "taught" the baby to sling the edible book around.

I think, at first, she was just confused.

Granted, it wasn't a terrible experience. She just kept looking at me and giggling--I think she was hunting for some kind of explanation! :)

The green was her favorite to grab, with the red/orange a close second.

 Then, we realized that the grass outside the pool was the most fun of all. :)  ((Then, I got sweltering hot, so we went inside. :) ))

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