Monday, February 20, 2017

The Super-Hero Hiding on Your Dryer

     First off, let me start by saying that this post isn't about food. I know, I know, I was shocked, too, considering that's my newest obsession.

   It's about the miracle weapon you hoard on top of your dryer. (At least that's where mine sits. You might keep them on a shelf, under a counter, how would I know?) You may innocently toss this weapon in with a load of laundry to dry, not understanding its true, unbelievable powers.

So, I'm here to educate you.

This weapon?

It's a bounce dryer sheet.

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I know, my mouth fell open the first time I was faced with this fact, too. But, I assure you, this knowledge is life-changing. (Especially if you're like me, and housekeeping is a daily battle.)

Off the top of my head, I can name three unbelievable feats of house-cleaning prowess I can attribute the Bounce sheet.

The first is the microwave. My mom is a microwave saint, I suppose, and she never forgets to cook her food with a cover. Thus, she never has a mess. I can't claim the same. And I had gotten to where I dreaded putting anything in there, because, hello: huge mess that takes forever and a lot of elbow grease to clean up.

Then, came the Bounce sheet. (And, in this case, Bounce's trusty side-kicks.) I learned that if you pop a Bounce sheet into a bowl of water with a sliced up lemon and a dash of vinegar and cook it for three minutes, then let it sit for one minute, the gunk wipes off. No elbow grease, and hardly any time.

Like, it literally wipes off.  Miraculous.

Not too long after that delightful discovery, I was informed of another grease-cutting miracle that the Bounce sheet was capable of.

First, let me say that I really do try to wash my dishes every night. That keeps the job from getting overwhelming. However, sometimes, I just don't. Or, I use my crockpot for things that cook to the sides, and I'm left with a bear of a dish to scrub. Or soak--for hours and hours, and then a little bit of a scrub.

Enter Bounce.

Fill your dish with warm water, a little bit of Dawn dishsoap and a Bounce sheet. Let it soak for 1--that's right, only ONE--hour, and the nasty pours right out of the pot! Go figure! No scrubbing required!! (Obviously, I still wash the dish after, but it's super duper easy. And since I hate house-keeping, I prefer the super duper easy way.)

And, thirdly, the biggest wonder of all--

Meet Bounce's third Super-Hero Identity: Bounce, The Soap-Scum Buster. My personal fave.

My shower doors are glass. And yuck.

Like, super yuck. You couldn't even see through the bottom.

I've tried Soft Scrub.

I've tried Windex.

I've tried a lot of scrubbing.

In fact, I've tried a lot of things.

And, nothing made a noticeable difference.

So, I gave up.

Then, lo and behold, I heard that a damp Bounce sheet could remove the soap scum from my shower doors....

"Could it be?" I asked myself. "Could it really be?"

I mean, I'm not the best house-keeper, but I at least like to fake it well. And with yucky, gunky shower doors, a really clean looking bathroom is rough to come by.

Armed with hope, a few damp dryer sheets, and a little bowl of water, I tackled the shower door.

And, would you believe it??

It worked.

Like, really worked.

Clear as a bell worked.

Guys, if you don't already have some Bounce dryer sheets, go to the store and get some.

Don't walk.


These things are game-changers.

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