Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Girls, Mommy's Maced Us!" or Delish Mexican Quina Dish


I basically pepper-sprayed my house the other night.

Don't worry, the end result was still delicious, and, once we opened the doors, we all quit coughing and choking fairly quickly. My eyes stopped watering a few minutes later, and all was well.

And all of this in my quest to find healthy, wholesome foods to feed the fam!!

Matt is a pretty easy to please guy when it comes to food. Really. Pretty much, I can say, "Matt, I'm going to try ___", or "I think we should cut _____ out for a while and see what happens" or even, "I know this doesn't LOOK good, but I got the stuff to try it at the store..." and he's all, "Ok. I'll give it a shot."

That being said, he does have some preferences--one of them is Mexican. Which is pretty unfortunate because that's one of those foods that I just don't like. Not even a little bit. But, since he's always sooo agreeable, occasionally I get a wild hair and want to try something special that he'll really like. Such was the case with the Mexican Quina dish from DamnDelicious.

When I looked at it, I thought, "Ehh...we can see how it goes. Matt would dig it. And I can just close my eyes. Remember, you like everything, now. You. Like. Everything." So, I pinned it to give it a shot.

It called for you to start the dish by cooking a jalapeno and garlic in hot olive oil for one minute. We're a family with a great love of spicy foods, so I thought to myself: "I'll see your jalapeno and raise you one habanero!"

Funny thing about that. When you cook those ingredients in oil that way, the steam/fumes/whatever that they give off is...well, it's intense.

Choking, eyes watering, even-the-dog-is-coughing kind of intense.

We opened all the doors and desperately tried to air out the kitchen(let's be honest, in my tiny home, the whole house!).

Matt declared to our coughing, hacking girls, "Girls, Mommy's maced us!"

Thankfully, in the aftermath, it was actually pretty funny. (Mostly since, again, due to our house's size, it aired out close to instantly.)

And, the food? Delicious. (I still had to close my eyes, because my brain was reminding me that I don't actually like: jalapenos, corn, tomatoes, or avocados. But, when I didn't listen to that and just put it all in my mouth and chewed--my tongue was singing a different story!)

I am LOVING the versatility of quinoa! From breakfast to dinner in one fell swoop!

Note: I modified in the following ways:

I left out the salt, and instead doubled the cumin.
I used the juice of 1/2 a lime, instead of a whole one.
I was out of cilantro, so I just nixed it.

You guys, this is totally not my picture. It belongs to the creator of the original recipe. But, isn't it gorgeous and bright??

As always, here's your link:

Give it a go, and let me know what you think!

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